Can I edit my resume template? 

The templates are 100% customisable and are not set in stone. Once you have one of our templates simply drag the resume elements around the page to move them and click to edit text. 

What do I get when I purchase a template? 

Most of our resume templates come with a cover letter, a single page design, and double page design and instructions on how to edit your resume template. You also receive an ATS friendly resume design, a follow up email template, hobbie icons, social media icons and 950+ character avatars.

How should I start editing my resume template?

Once you have downloaded one of our resumes, we recommend you save a copy of the original template so you always have an original template copy. Afterwards, go crazy and edit your resume template as much as you like! It is 100% editable after all. 

Do I need to have a photo or character on my resume? 

Of course not, however we have built photo options into most of our templates so the option is there and is your choice to make. We advocate for photos to be on resumes but we recognise this might not be everyone's opinion. 

What is an ATS or RTS? 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Recruitment Tracking System (RTS) is a piece of software some recruiters use to extract all the text from your resume and ignore all images. Our resume templates can be read by an ATS and RTS however will obviously not look how you intended them to be sent. We provide you with a ATS friendly resume along with all packages. 

How can I get around an ATS or RTS? 

We recommend that your ALWAYS find the details of the recruiter and email them directly. This is the safest way to bypass the ATS / RTS issue. This is also more effective as a job seeking strategy and we recommend this should become normal practice anyway. We provide you with a ATS friendly resume along with all packages. 

How long should my resume be? 

Short answer - one page. This ensures it's concise and summarises key information. If the employer would like to take things further with your application, you can simply discuss this at your interview. 

What are keywords? 

Keywords are terms used to screen resumes and cover letters to find applicants that are a good fit for the position advertised. The right keywords will help you get selected for an interview. 

The worst mistake to make on a resume?

There isn't really one however two really bad mistakes you can make are spelling mistakes that are dotted throughout the resume and layout - make sure your resume isn't a challenge to read. 

How should I send my resume? 

Whenever possible, PDF. PDF's are made to be read over multiple kinds of platforms and devices, and ensures your resume looks exactly how you designed it.