The three formats of Resumes

There are four typical types of Resumes used to apply for positions. Choosing either a Chronological, Functional, Combination or Targeted Resume is dependant upon your personal factors at the time of writing.


A Chronological Resume starts with listing your work history, with the most recent position listed first. Typically, this type of Resume is very easy to read your work history as it clearly shows the jobs you have held, when you have worked them, and in the order you worked them. This Resume is particularly strong for job seekers with a solid working history.


A Functional Resume hones in on your skills and education, rather than on your work history. Typically, this type of Resume is used by people who are changing careers or might have a few gaps in their employment history. It is also typically used by students, graduates and job seekers with a stronger education than work history.


A Combination Resume lists your skills and accomplishments first and then your employment history next. The benefit of this style of Resume is that you can highlight your skills and your accomplishments of relevent to the positions you are applying for. This Resume is typically used by no defined group of job seekers, however, you will need to have held at least one job and a number of qualifications to show.

Another type of Resume is a Targeted Resume, it’s customised so that it specifically aligns with the experience and skills described within the job description of the position the job seeker is applying for. This style of Resume definitely takes longer to write as each position will require a different Resume that has been reworded. This style of Resume is really worth the extra time, as it is typically more effective.

When applying for any position, it’s always better to have a Targeted Resume and one of the three typical styles.

For example, if a student with a strong educational background however, has no work experience within the field they are looking for, then they would need a Functional Resume combined with a Targeted Resume. Remember, recruiters are looking to see if you match what they are looking for, therefore it’s a very strong move to spend the time to use the keywords that the recruiter has used. If this was helpful, please share it. If you have any questions or anything to add, please contact us.


Harry Latham