How long should my Resume be?

Hello Internet, we need to talk about your Resume length. Your resume may not be as effective as you think it is. If your resume is more than one or two pages it becomes more and more difficult to read the whole document for employers. Just imagine how many resumes employers get! Let’s do some quick math:


50 people apply for the job.

Each resume is 3 pages (kinda normal length right?).  

Let’s say 1 page has 250 words (which is a little low but let’s consider formatting yeah?).


50 resumes times 3 pages each equals 150 pages.

150 pages times 250 words per page equals 37,500 words.

According to google the average book length is 60,000-80,000 words. Employers are reading half a book worth of resumes. At least a book is generally interesting and has a storyline, reading resumes all day long will be boring! AND employers have other things to do than read resumes LITERALLY all day long. Trust me, they don’t live to read resumes.

The first google search I did, I found the average number of job seekers applying for any one job is 118, so double our calculation we made and add some. So recruiters are actually more like reading an entire book… on resumes… yikes.

These days though, recruiters rely heavily on keyword searching software which makes it easier for them to find job seekers with the desired skill set they are looking for, yay! So don’t forget your keywords - I’ll do an article on this soon. In any case it’s a lot of reading they have to do.

Ok, so for the sake of argument let's say we agree this is too long.

The point of a resume should be to make an impact, an impression, a memorable experience for the reader. Not to bore them to near death so they feel they need another caffeine hit after already having 3 that morning.

Finally, how long should your resume be? Your resume should be 1 page. 2 maximum. Think of your resume as a personal brand or an advertisement of yourself, explaining what you can do for employers needs and the skills you have to fill those needs. You want ‘your brand’ or ‘your ad’ to be appealing right? And NOT too lengthy.

Well it needs to be easily readable. You REALLY don’t need to list every job you’ve ever held, all of your education and achievements, we know you're perhaps a professional wonder but let’s dial the resume down a bit and go for the big impact kind of approach shall we?

Use your linkedin to list every job, certificate and achievement you’ve ever had. Use your resume for bullet pointing your achievements, education and experience and link it to your linkedin profile if the employers wants more in depth information about you. It’s important to have it well formatted and easy to identify when one section starts and when another begins.

Now that we have established an ideal resume size and for those of you who have scrolled to the bottom to get a cheeky look at the bottom line message, here it is short and sweet: 1 page ideally, 2 maximum. I’m starting my in the next couple of months which will sell affordable, professionally made resume templates so keep in touch for that!

Let’s face it though, the benefits here are you have a short but incredibly sweet resume and our recruiters may not be jacked from caffeine overload.

Good luck getting that job! If this was helpful, please share it, if you have any questions or anything to add, please contact us. 


Harry Latham