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We're changing the way you apply for your next role. You need to stand out from the crowd, you need to shine through all of the other fantastic applications and get the employer to pick you. With our resume templates, we've made that possible. 

How does this work?


We've made the process so simple and easy. First go to our templates, then select a template package you like the most, enter your details and voila! A link will instantly be sent to you to download your resume.

100% Editable


All of our templates are 100% editable and easy to change. Let's say you wanted to change the font, colours, pictures or even change the whole layout, with our resumes that's easy. 100% editable really does mean 100% editable. 

Get noticed by



Visuals stick in long-term memory easier and help recruiters to make sense out of the content, directs attention and increases the possibilities that the recruiter will remember your resume. Graphical resumes transmit messages faster - did you know visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text? We can get the sense of a visual document in less than 1/10 of a second. Your resume will be sure to end up in the 'to interview' pile when your resume is well written and well designed. 

Keep the source file


When you download one of our resumes you keep it forever. The advantage of having the Microsoft Word source file is so you can access it offline and edit whenever you like for free! If you ever get bored of your resume simply change it around without having to pay someone to edit it for you!